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Choices, presented at Purdue University in 2015.

Choices, presented first in 2015 at Purdue University and then at World Stage Design in Taipei, Taiwan, in 2017 as part of OISTAT's Sound Commission's programming, was originally conceived by Rick Thomas to explore the connections between emotions, music, and storytelling. The production featured more than an hour of electronic dance music and interactivity created entirely by Thomas and students at Purdue University, over which was layered a narrative about love, honesty, and the choices we make that hurt each other or express love to ourselves and those around us.

The production required tightly synchronized lighting, video, and loud, loud music. To achieve this, Rich was called upon to design a control network that linked the various lighting, audio, and video projection equipment to allow for live synchronization. Portions of the show sat in an audio/video "vamp" while performers interacted with the audience. Additionally, audience members were invited to participate in a WiFi-based interactive came on their personal devices--with answers to questions posed by the emcee displayed on the video screen for all to see.

In 2017, the Sound Commission of OISTAT invited the production to perform at World Stage Design in Taipei, Taiwan. This required recreating a shortened version of the music and video content, and redesigning the control systems to fit in three typically-sized suitcases for transport overseas.

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